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17cm Victory Green River Diver Knife With Custom Made Sheath



Victory Green River 17cm diver’s knife with custom made sheath that is easy and safe to attach to your harness. Gives you extra comfort and peace of mind!

  • Most Trusted Diver Knife in Commercial Deep Sea Divers & Riggers Industry.
  • Extremely tough lightweight high visibility sheath.
  • Safety lanyard which expands 150% of it’s original length.

Lifetime guarantee and fast delivery worldwide when purchased directly from KFD Group website.




This is an incredibly sharp, serrated blade that will cut through everything you need.

Most popular Victory Green River diver knife is now available at KFD with a custom made sheath that will make your life safer and easier.

You can easily attach it to your harness and keep it safely in the sheath and use without risking to lose it. It stays attached to you at all times.

Green River Diver Knife is our top seller and a must have knife for every professional diver.

What is so special about 17 cm Green River Diver knife with Custom Made Sheath

  • Extremely light weight
  • Ultra sharp blade
  • Custom made sheath is tough while lightweight
  • 80mm Stainless Steel Carabineer
  • Safety lanyard which expands 150% of it’s original length.
  • Green River diver knife has highly visible molded handle to ensure perfect grip when wet
  • Top quality corrosion free stainless steel with the serrated blade that just keeps on cutting and cutting

It is the most popular professional deep sea diver knife in the commercial industry, with extra protection and comfort of custom made sheath tested and confirmed as the best choice for divers.

Why you will buy your Green River diver knife from KFD

When you purchase on KFD website, your diving knife comes with a lifetime guarantee! Victory diving knives are simply the best diving knives in deep sea diving, offshore oil and gas industry.  We sure use them a lot!

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We offer fast delivery worldwide, and give you a tracking code and lifetime guarantee…and yes, we combine post so you pay less for shipping! (as many of our customers also purchase other our products, such as Buy diver underwater tool bags, dive gloves, riggers tools, dive torches, or accessories for diving).

All our products are 100% covered by our “Not to Break or Your Money Back Guarantee”. As we use these products on our trips, safety and quality is the top priority. Our products are genuine brands and have passed quality control.

At KFD, we do look after you when you become our customer. With your product delivered to your doorsteps, you are also invited into our VIP customers club to be first to receive our special offers, discounts and safety information. And we guarantee, with almost 40 years of experience in commercial deep sea diving, having worked as offshore oil and gas diver, saturation diving supervisor, and marine advisor, Kevin Duck is a well regarded diver worth teaming up with!

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