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Commercial Diving Equipment & Shark-Deterrent Devices for Offshore Diving & Rigging Construction Industry, Oil & Gas, Military, Rescue, Repair, Clearance and Sports Divers.


Commercial diving is highly demanding and dangerous work done in challenging and hostile conditions. That is why using equipment you can trust is vital to getting a great job done quickly and safely, for your success and peace of mind.

At KFD Group, all our products are tried and tested by owner-operator Kevin Duck, an ex-Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diver with over 35 years' saturation diver and supervisor experience.

Used by offshore divers, rigging construction workers and more,

some of our most popular divers tools are designed by Kevin to solve specific problems encountered during commercial diving.

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If the product you seek is not listed, contact us anyway as we have an extensive catalogue and may just have what you need.

Kevin Duck started commercial diving in 1980 and also served in the Royal Australian Navy as a Naval Clearance Diver. He has been an intrepid offshore oil and gas diver, sought-after saturation diving supervisor and experienced marine advisor for almost 40 years.

Today, he divides his time between running this online business and supervising saturation diving missions. More…

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Kevin Duck

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