Overview: KFD Group specializes in providing high-quality commercial diving equipment, focusing on products that enhance safety, efficiency, and reliability for professional divers. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, KFD Group ensures that every product meets the rigorous demands of underwater work.

Mission Statement: Our mission at KFD Group is to deliver superior diving equipment that enhances the safety and efficiency of underwater professionals. We strive to innovate and provide reliable tools that divers can depend on in the most challenging environments.

End Goal for Customers: Our ultimate goal is to empower divers with the best tools and equipment, ensuring their safety and efficiency in every underwater task. We aim to be the trusted partner for divers worldwide, offering products that they can rely on every time they dive.

KFD Group Values:

  1. Quality: We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality diving equipment, tested and trusted by professionals.
  2. Innovation: Continuously designing and improving products to meet the evolving needs of the diving community.
  3. Customer Focus: Offering personalized service and expert advice to ensure our customers have the best possible experience.
  4. Reliability: Ensuring that every product we offer is dependable and performs flawlessly in all conditions.

History of KFD Group: KFD Group was founded by Kevin Duck, a seasoned saturation diver and supervisor, who has been in the commercial diving industry since 1980. His extensive experience in hostile underwater environments allowed him to identify the shortcomings in existing diving tools. Kevin began designing and manufacturing his own equipment to meet the high standards required for his work. This hands-on approach and commitment to quality have made KFD Group a trusted name in the diving industry.

Why KFD Group Exists: KFD Group exists to fill the gap in the market for high-quality, reliable diving equipment that meets the specific needs of commercial divers. By leveraging Kevin Duck’s extensive experience and commitment to excellence, KFD Group provides divers with tools they can trust, ensuring their safety and efficiency in every dive.

Why KFD Customers Buy From Us:

  • Why KFD Customers Buy From Us
  • Competitive Pricing for Wholesale & Retail Markets
  • Products Tried & Tested by Commercial Diver Owner
  • Handpicked High Quality Diving Equipment
  • Quick Response and Express Shipping Worldwide
  • Personalised Tips & Customer Service

Meet Kevin Duck

Owner-Operator | Saturation Dive Supervisor

“Being on the job so often in hostile underwater environments means I could quickly assess which diving tools were reliable and which were not. If I can’t find products in the market that meet my needs, I design them myself and get a manufacturer to produce them to my specifications so the products can be made available to the global diving community.” ~Kevin Duck

Meet Kevin, the saturation diver and supervisor behind this commercial diving equipment store. When he is not busy recommending tools and equipment he has tried and tested himself for offshore or other diving jobs, he is well-sought after as a supervisor for saturation diving missions. He has designed a better Green River safety knife, knife shield, underwater tool bags, gasket loader and gasket holder to help get the job done safer, faster and easier.

Kevin is based in Joondalup, Western Australia. He is helpful and happy to share the wealth of knowledge he has gained from being in the commercial diving industry since 1980.

Top Products at KFD Group – Diving Equipment

KFD Diver’s Underwater Tool Bags are designed by Kevin to hold essential commercial diving tools and withstand tough underwater conditions. These high-visibility toolbags come in two designs with top and front zipper options and other design features that make diving saver and easier for you.


Victory Green River Diving Knives are the most trusted in the industry. Manufactured in New Zealand, there are three types and various sizes tailored for each underwater assignment. Knife sheaths keep your knives safe and handy for any tough assignment. Kevin designed a safety knife and black plastic knife sheath to meet specific needs of saturation divers, and got them produced commercially so that the global diving community can enjoy well priced, high-quality diving knives they can absolutely rely on 100%, especially in extremely challenging deep sea diving conditions.


Shark Shield Shark Deterrent Devices is the only brand scientifically proven to turn sharks away and protect you from attacks in the sea. The Freedom7 model is suitable for commercial diving and there are other models as well for attachment to surfboards, scuba-diving tanks, and boats.


KFD Gasket Insertion Tools – Gasket Loader and Gasket Holder allow you to safely insert a gasket between pipeline flanges without having to place your hands between them and risking getting your fingers caught. Both are designed by Kevin and under patent since 2007. The reusable Gasket Holder saves you money as well.

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If you have any questions about commercial diving equipment, just ring +61 459378924 or email Kevin directly at kduck@kfd.com.au.

We are based in Western Australia (Timezone GMT +0800hrs].

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