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  • Commercial Divers Glove (Green Webber)



    A heavy duty 5-finger rubber glove is attached to a neoprene


    • Good dexterity for general Diving work.
    •  They are particularly suitable for underwater cutting and welding
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  • Divers Hot Water Suit Gloves Gloves – Neoprene

    • Made from hard wearing, made to last oil resistant neoprene.
    • Extra good grip with embossed fingers & palm.
    • Long sleeve fits half way up your forearm to keep any irritants from getting into your suit & keeps hot water flow.
    • Close comfortable fit with good dexterity.
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  • Gripster Cut 5



    Made for those who need a glove built for maximum durability and safety in the harshest of; abrasive, cut, tear & puncture environments, an overall strength that earns this glove  confidents

    No safety consideration is overlooked when constructing these exceptionally tough, grippy gloves.

    Proudly the most affordable cut 5 glove, fit for glass, industrial metals, serious construction and much more!

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