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Knife Sharpening Kit



Knife Sharpening Kit Model DMD-KIT

  • Sharpen all types of knives with ease
  • Holds your edge at correct angle every time
  • Lightweight, convenient and easy to use
  • Includes a handy field pouch



Eze-Lap’s Knife Sharpening Kit Model DMD-KIT comes with three color-coded sharpening stones. The red-clad stone features 600 Fine grit, while the blue- and purple-clad stones feature Superfine 1,200 and Medium 400 grit abrasives. All sharpening surfaces feature Eze-Lap’s heat-treatment technique. The kit also includes a knife clamp with two angle-guides which “steer” the sharpening stones. The upper guide holds stones at a 20-degree angle while the lower guide uses a 25-degree angle. A roll pouch is also included.

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