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  • 1.5m/60″ Tape Measure



    1.5m/60 inch Tape Measure

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  • 10”(250mm) 304 stainless steel water pump pliers



    10”(250mm) 304 Stainless Steel Water Pump Pliers

    – Rust resistant

    – fine adjustment for optimum adaptation to different sizes of workpieces and a comfortable handle width

    Some times called chicken legs.

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  • 10m/34′ Diver Tape Measure



    Diver’s Tape Measure

    • Strong Hard Wearing Fibreglass tape measure – 75kg breaking strength
    • High Vis. ABS case.
    • High Quality
    • 10m/34′
    • Perfect fit for Diver’s tool bag
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  • 30ltr Dry Bag



    30ltr PVC Dry Bag

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  • Diver’s Weight Belt



    Diver’s Weight Belt

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  • Diving Flag- Alpha



    Diving Flag- Alpha

    • Size is 720mm x 600mm 
    • It is stitched at all the ends 
    • The flag is made from strong durable material and is very long lasting.
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  • KFD Group T-Shirt — Extra Large


    T-shirt Extra Large

    KFD Group T-Shirt– Extra Large

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  • KFD Group T-Shirt—Large


     T-shirt Large

    KFD Group T-Shirt– Large

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  • Knife Sharpening Kit



    Knife Sharpening Kit Model DMD-KIT

    • Sharpen all types of knives with ease
    • Holds your edge at correct angle every time
    • Lightweight, convenient and easy to use
    • Includes a handy field pouch
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  • Mini Retractor



    Premium quality compact cable retracting gear keeper.

    This Mini Retractor allows you to tether your gear at hip, stomach or chest area.

     Keeps you streamlined and your gear is always right where you need it.


    – High break strength 

    – Salt water resistant
    – Self cleaning 

    – Extends and retracts 

    – Stainless Ring

    – Premium quality compact cable retracting gear keeper


     Retracted:  H 53mm x W 44mm x D13mm
    Cable Length: 640mm    

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  • Nashua Duct Tape



    Nashua Duct Tape

    Nashua Duct Tape is the only tape to use in marine & offshore environments.

    It is of the highest standard,and will meet all your taping needs and will not let you down.

    Nashua duct tape is cloth backed, which makes it strong and has excellent sticking power so you don’t waste tape like other inferior brands.

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  • Open Closed Valve Handle Tag



    Open Closed Valve Handle Tag

    Suitable For All Valve Handles-Gas Quads,Panel Valves.

    Weather Proof.



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  • Saturation Diver Bronze Statue



    Bronze Saturation Diver

    Modern Day Saturation Diver With

    KM17c Ultra Jewel 601 Helmet.

    Standing 35cm(14″) High.

    Carrying a Twinset Bailout.

    Mounted on Hardwood Base

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  • Shark Shield



    Shark Shield™ creates a unique protective electrical field around the user, which is detected through receptors located on the snouts of sharks. The field causes intense discomfort to the shark, resulting in them leaving the area.

    This technology does not affect any other marine life. It has no known harmful effects on the wearer or the shark.

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  • Snips/Emergency Scissors


    Reference: SES


    Snips/Emergency Scissors


    Alternatives to knives in emergency situations

    Cuts through lines, nets, ropes, kelps, and thin steel cables

    Connector allows for mounting on BCD or Harness

    Or Add to your First Aid Kit

    Medical Bandage Scissors are 7.5 inch long trauma shears for paramedics, doctors, nurses, etc you’ll be able to use it in the field or as a key component of your medical kit. This is great for you because they are the perfect size for your kit and designed to handle the rigors of the field. Be prepared, always!

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  • Spring Coil Lanyard / Shock Line



    Springs Coil Lanyard/Shock Line

    • Use as safety lanyards on most diving accessories, knives, compass, cameras, lights, tools, etc.
    • Attach to your Tool Bag
    • Expands to 150 percent of its original length see photo’s of examples for use
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